Adding Meetoo to your PowerPoint slide

Use the links below depending on which of our two add-ins you need help with.

I don't know which add-in I'm using


Meetoo PowerPoint Add-in

After you have installed the Meetoo PowerPoint Add-in it will appear in PowerPoint as a new tab on the ribbon.

From this new ribbon menu you can create and add Meetoo content to your slides.

Meetoo - Real-time Polling

The Meetoo - Real-time Polling app is downloaded from the Microsoft Office Store.  You can click here to see the app in the store or alternatively you can add it to your add-ins directly from PowerPoint.

On the Insert tab in the ribbon click on the Store icon.  Here you can search the store for Meetoo.  Once you have found it press the Add button.  This will download the add-in and save it to your add-ins.

From the My Add-ins button on the ribbon you can now add this app to any slide in your presentation.