What are the different user permissions?

If you're the only person who has access to your Meetoo account, then this article probably isn't for you.  If, however, there's more than one of you using the same account... then read on!


We should probably start by making sure we're clear what we mean when we talk about a "user".  It's got nothing to do with the app (we call those guys 'participants').  Someone who has their own credentials to a Meetoo account is a user.  If you log in to a Meetoo dashboard...  then you're a user too.

As with a lot of modern online tools, gizmos and accounts, there's a variety of things a user can or can't do.  To prevent an unorganized or chaotic 'free for all', and to keep things as secure and simple as possible, we have a number of permission levels to manage what a user can see and do.

We've got other articles which cover how to add more users to your account and how to change or edit anyone's permissions, so check those out if you need to.


User Permissions

Oh, and one last thing...  it's probably worth pointing out that a single user can have multiple permissions.  So, for example; Tom could be a Meeting Host, Richard is a Meeting Host AND User Manager whilst Harry is a Meeting Admin AND an Account Admin.