What colors can I change in the app with a custom theme?

If you like to know pretty much everything there is to know, then we thought you'd appreciate this article, which looks at the app theme and shows you exactly where the colors you set are used throughout the app.

To help indicate where the colours are used, we decided to use the default Meetoo theme in the images in this article.


The header is the bar at the top of the app.  The color you set here is also used for a 'selected' navigation button (to show participants where they are in the app).  They might be a bit small in the below image, but you should just about be able to see the blue "i", as we're on the info screen.



So primarily, this is the color of the results bars displayed in the app, as well as the color when a participant selects a choice during a poll.


But wait...!  Hang on!  We use this color elsewhere in the app.  It's used to indicate a liked message, weblinks in messages (and the info screen) as well as in the Android and web app (for the add new message button)


Last but by no means least, the main text color.  Pretty simple this one...  It's the color for messaging text in the discussion board (not for your host messages though).  It's also the text color for your body text if you've customized your info screen.