Adding a new meeting

Creating a new meeting is really quick and easy in your Meetoo dashboard.  Let Dave walk you through it in this short video, or take the scenic route and keep on reading.


None of the information you input when you add a new meeting is set in stone.  Apart from physically travelling back in time, there’s nothing you can’t do afterwards by editing your meeting if you need to!


Here’s a short run down of how to add a new meeting;

  1. Go to your meetings list in the dashboard
  2. Press the Add button
  3. Enter your meeting details
  4. Press Save


…and here’s the more detailed run down on everything you have to fill in;

Meeting Name

Give your meeting a name.  This is how it will appear in your dashboard, for your participants, in your reports, in the app…  pretty much everywhere you need it to!  If you’re customizing your info screen and decide to change the title, you won’t affect this meeting name you provide.

Start and ends at

Set when the meeting starts and ends.  Click on the calendar buttons to choose your dates and use the arrows to edit the times.  Don’t forget, you can set your Meetoo meeting from before it starts until after it finishes (you might want to keep using the app!).  And don’t worry about how often or when you start and stop your Meeting.  You’ll always be able to do everything you need to do with your meeting in the dashboard!

Time zone

This should be set to the time zone of where the meeting is being held, or where most of your participants are based.  We know your meeting could be virtual, with participants all over the world, in which case we recommend setting the time zone as your or your host’s location.  You don’t have to worry about anything in the app for your participants, as essentially you're choosing a time zone for recording everything from the meeting in the reports.


Choose if your meeting participants are identified or completely anonymous.  We’ve got a number of related articles on the topic, so check those out for more info.  In a nutshell - with Profiles On, your participants are prompted to provide a name.  If it’s Off, everyone is anonymous!  You can change it any stage afterwards (even if the meeting is running), but do read those related articles before doing this with a live or past meeting.


Once you’ve created a new meeting, you’re officially what we call the meeting “owner”.  Only you have access to the meeting, but hold on a second…  you can share it with other users in your Meetoo account.  Click here to check out another article which covers more on this.  Although it is really easy, just add the other user’s email and press the tick to add another meeting host.  You can press the X alongside a name if you make a mistake and need to remove someone.