Customizing your App Theme

Having the ability to customize the app theme for your Meetoo meetings means you can brand or style your meetings, giving them a look and feel unique to you, your organization, department...  you name it!


Let Dave show you the ropes in customizing your own app theme with this short video.


For more information on the app theme, then please read on...



I want to theme the app for my meeting...  but how?

The app theme can be updated at any stage of the meeting, even if it's already running!  All of your participants' devices will update instantly.  Here's the quick run through on how you can update yours;

  1. Create your own app theme by choosing three colors
  2. Press the Save button
  3. Press the Publish Saved Changes button


How to choose a color

  1. Select which part of the app you want to set a color for
  2. Click on the color box
  3. Select a shade of color by dragging the slider, or handle, up or down
  4. Pick your color by clicking in the larger color palette box
  5. Press Choose


And don't forget, as well as choosing three different colours, you can set whether your header bar uses dark or light colored text...  making sure it stands out from the light (or dark) color header background you chose!


Did someone say "RBG" or "Hex"?  Click here to read our article on how you can set exact colors based on branding or styling guidelines you're working with. 



For more information on publishing your saved changes, and what else you can customize, then check out our article about the Customize menu.