How to customize the info screen

Before we get started, if you're not entirely sure what the info screen is (or what it could be used for), then click here to check out our 'What is the info screen?' article.


If you've got just over 3 minutes right now, then sit back and let Dave show you how quick and easy it is to customize the info screen for your meeting.


If the above video doesn't cover what you're looking for, then here's our run down of what you need to know;


The info screen can be updated at any stage of the meeting, even if it's already running!  All of your participants' devices will update instantly.  Here's a quick summary of how you can update yours;

  1. Go into your meeting from within the dashboard
  2. Go to the Customize menu on the left
  3. Add your own content by uploading an image and/or editing the available text fields
  4. Press the Save button
  5. Press the Publish Saved Changes button


For more information on publishing saved changes, check out our article on the Customize menu.


Image Position

You can choose how the image is displayed on the info screen.

Fill the device screen





Other Image Controls

 See a preview of your image

 Delete your image and revert back to the stock Meetoo image


Choosing your own image

There's two ways in which you can upload your own image.  You can click anywhere in the large image area and navigate to where your image is stored and choose it.

If you've already got a window open with your image in it, then as an alternative, you can simply click on your image and drag it anywhere into the large image area.

We think it's nice and easy, but if you'd like some further guidelines on images in your info screen, then click here to learn some more.



As a default, the Title field is pre-populated with the name of the meeting.



When you first create a new meeting, as a default the subtitle is simply populated with "Welcome".  Please note that the subtitle font as it appears in the app is a little bit smaller, a little bit lighter and a little bit (in fact completely) italicised!



This is where the info screen gets really powerful!  You can add as much or as little text in here as you'd like.  The only limitation you need to think about is the practical one of how long you want your participants scrolling down the info screen to find something.

You'll also be super pleased to know that you can include weblinks in the body text.  Simply ensure that the link is prefixed with either "www.", "http://", "https://", etc and Meetoo will do the rest.  In the app, your participants can click on the weblink, which will open the default web browser on their device and load the page.

Oh, and one last thing on the body text...  you can customize the color of the body text.  For more information check out our article on customizing the app theme.  And while we're on the topic of colors and body text, if you do have any weblinks in yours, then the color these are displayed in can also be customized.


Text alignment

All of the text fields in the info screen are left justified.  Please note that the image position buttons do not apply to text.



Pressing the Reset button will remove all of your customized content and set it back to the default information as seen when you first created the meeting.  You don't need to press Save, but you'll still need to publish your saved changes.