Are there any video resources or tutorials I can watch?

Yes there are.  You've come to the right place!

If you've been exploring much, then you should hopefully have seen a few videos dotted around the place.

And if you're the kind of person who prefers watching the tv to sitting down with a book, then we thought you'd appreciate this article, which lists all of the available videos we have in the world of Meetoo.

We've included a pretty comprehensive list here, but if you'd like to see what else we've got then please head on over to our Meetoo YouTube channel.


Getting Started

A short look at the Meetoo meeting process, right from the beginning.  Think you need a degree in wizardry to set these things up?  Think again.  We love a 'last minute' meeting.


Adding a new session

It's pretty simple and self-explanatory, but that shouldn't stop us from walking you through it.



Adding new polls couldn't be easier, right?  With Meetoo you can run one poll at a time...  or run them back to back.  Watch this video and there's little you won't know about polling.


Messaging Basics

We don't like to get too excited too quickly, so check this video out for the basics of messaging.  Don't worry about moderation for now, there's a separate video for that!


Message Moderation

Now it starts to get interesting!  Check out this video which shows you how moderation works, but also gives you an idea of how you might make best use of it.



Customizing the Info Screen

Let Dave show you how to add your own information and image to the info screen.


Customizing the App Theme

...and if you were impressed by being able to customize your own info screen, then just wait until you've seen how to brand or style your meetings!


Introduction to the PowerPoint Add-In

This is where you'll start to see just how much Meetoo can change your life!  Check out this 'Getting Started' video which gives you a run down of our PowerPoint add-in.


Creating a 'Before and After' Comparison

Check out how to use the 'Compare' Analysis Slide in the PowerPoint add-in to run what we call 'The Before After'.  Run a poll at the start of your presentation, then again at the end and compare the results on one slide.


Picture Polling

Something for our advanced users!  See how to create a picture poll using the Meetoo PowerPoint add-in.