Can I match my app theme colors exactly with my brand?


We understand that if you're trying customize your app theme and brand your meeting to match your event, company, marketing collateral, etc....  then you've probably been given branding guidelines by your marketing or creative department.

Don't worry!  We can help here too.  Instead of trying to find the matching color manually, it's possible to use one of two common ways of identifying an exact color.

We won't get too technical here, but these are known as RGB values or hexadecimal values.


RGB Values

Let's say that as an example, your guys got back to you with something like this; "R: 146, G: 0, B: 187".  When we talk about RGB values, we always record them in that order (red, green, then blue), so they might even tell you that it's "146,0,187".  In any event, entering your own RGB value is simple.

When you click on the color, simply click in the field at the bottom and replace the numbers in brackets for your values.  Make sure you keep the commas and brackets in tact though!


Hexadecimal Values

It's really just an alternative to an RGB value, which, as explained above, is a kind of code to identify an exact colour.  Often known as just a "hex" value, it's a six character code, consisting of a combination of numbers and/or letters.  It's often prefixed with a hash (or pound) sign, for example #e43d51.

The beauty with Meetoo, is that you don't even need the symbol at the start, as it'll recognise it as a hex value once you've entered it.

Simply highlight all of the text in the field and replace it with your hexadecimal value.