Can I customize my meeting in any way?

You bet you can!

With Meetoo, you can add your own content and tailor the look and feel of your meetings.

All of your meetings can be customized independently, and the great news is that you can do this whenever suits you, before or even during the meeting.  It's super quick and easy to customize your meeting, and once you've saved your changes you can publish them to the app at any stage afterwards.

Everybody in your audience is updated...  instantly!  No matter what device they're using.


The Customize Menu

Go into your meeting from within the dashboard and you'll see the 'Customize' menu on the left.



There's two aspects of your meetings which you can completely customize.

- the info screen (click here to learn more)

- the app theme

The info screen is your chance to provide participants with completely tailored information.  And what does the app theme do?  Well, by creating your own color scheme it means you can brand or theme your meeting.


Making, Saving and Publishing Changes

You can work on your info screen and app theme separately.  In fact, they are separate!  We just wanted to point out that you'll need to use the Save button for the corresponding menu you're working on.

Once you've saved your changes, the bar at the top turns orange.

Whenever you see that the bar is orange...  this means you've saved some changes, but you haven't published them and updated the app yet.  You could, for example, save your changes before the meeting, and publish them half way through it!

Let's say you've saved some changes.  Then, whether you log out for a moment or go home and go to bed... when you log back in and return to the Customize menu the bar will still be orange, reminding you that you're ready to publish.


Customizing your meeting

Don't worry, as it's really easy!  Check out the articles we've linked to below where you can find out more (or sit back and let Dave show you, if that's how you roll).