What is the Info Screen?

It's a place in the app where your participants can access information.  We call it the 'info screen', but if it helps in explaining what it is, then we know that some of you refer to it as the welcome page, or even home page.


Once a meeting has been started, participants can go to the info screen in the app at any time by pressing the 'i' button.  It's the first thing they see once they've joined your meeting.


Please note that the info screen is not available if the meeting has been stopped, or is in the waiting status.


When you add a new meeting, the standard (or default) info screen, which you can see in the image at the top of this article, includes a few things;

- A stock Meetoo image

- The name of the meeting (we call this the title)

- A welcome message (which we call the subtitle)


And here's the really exciting news...  you can customize your own info screen!  Use your own image, change the title or subtitle and add as much additional information as you can think of.  Change it all or just change a little, it's completely customisable!  You can even include links to websites, making the info screen a fantastic opportunity for you to ensure your participants have always got the most up to date and relevant information at your meeting.

Click here to check out our article on customizing the info screen.

Oh, and one last thing - If you'd like some inspiration for the info screen in your next meeting, then check out some of these examples;