How do I upgrade to a paid plan with a credit card?

If you are unsure of what plan is best for you, please take a look at: What are my upgrade options?

Once you have identified what plan works best for your organizational needs, simply follow these easy steps to upgrade within a couple of minutes:

  1. Navigate to the Upgrade tab in your Meetoo dashboard
  2. Scroll down to see the Meetoo upgrade options
  3. Make sure the Business tab is selected
  4. Select a maximum number of participants that you want to be able to connect to your meetings: 100, 500 or 1000
  5. Select the currency you want to pay in with your credit card
  6. Click the Upgrade button for either a Pay As You Go or a Full Access plan
  7. On the Your Billing Information page, fill in all billing details. If your organization has an European VAT ID, add it in the designated field. When you add credit card details, please note that Pay As You Go plans don't create recurring payments whereas Full Access is a subscription plan so will be automatically billed on an annual basis. More information on billing information can be found here 
  8. Click Continue to display the Confirm Your Details page
  9. Carefully review your details and read and accept the terms and conditions. If you find something that you want to change in your details, simply click the back button to go back and correct them.
  10. Finally click Purchase Upgrade and wait a short moment for the payment to be processed
  11. You have now received a receipt of you purchase and you're all set to go back to the dashboard and start hosting meetings.
  12. Your new plan will be shown on the Account tab in your dashboard.