What information do I need to enter when upgrading?

* First Name - Pre populated first name of the account owner. (Max length 40 characters)

* Last Name - Pre populated last name of the account owner. (Max length 40 characters)

* E-mail - Primary e-mail contact address, pre populated to the one used to signup the tenancy. (Max length 80 characters)

Secondary Billing E-mail - If you require your invoice/receipt to be sent to a specific email address e.g. purchasing or finance department, please use this e-mail field. (Max length 80 characters)

* Address 1 - Primary address line, E.g. Street name and number (Max length 127 characters)

Address 2 - Secondary address line if your address requires it. (Max length 127 characters)

* Town/City - (Max length 40 characters) 

State/Province - (Max length 80 characters)

* Zip/Postal Code - (Max length 9 characters)

* Telephone - Please add country prefix in the phone number - (Max length 22 characters)

* Country - Please choose the country in which you or your organization is located. EU customers are required to pay VAT. 

VAT / Tax ID - If your organization has a VAT number, please add it in international format. E.g. a Finnish vat number 1234567-8 should be added in the format FI12345678

* Payment Method - All upgrades are available to pay with credit card, additionally Full Access plans can be purchased by invoice. 


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory