What are my upgrade options?

If you are ready to unleash Meetoo's full potential we have different plans to fit almost any need.

There are two different ways of enjoying more Meetoo:

  • Annual - an annual subscription plan which, as the name hints, gives you full access to Meetoo at any time, ready to run meetings whenever you need as often you need.  It also provides enhanced support options and full access to the Meetoo Success Community.
  • One Time - a one week plan for one-off events. Extendable in one week increments.

The easiest and fastest way to get started on a plan is to upgrade using a credit card via the "Upgrade" tab in your Meetoo dashboard (learn more here) . For the Annual plans, there is additionally an option to request invoice as payment type. 



If you are interested in our Education pricing, please have a look here.