How do I set up my audience projector?

The Projector gives you the option to show messages, polls and results on a main display screen to share with your audience.

You can launch a projector display from the menu on the left of the dashboard.

When you press the Projector button this will launch a new browser tab with a few simple options to tailor how you want your display to work.

Choose your messages

Here you can select which of the message queues in the dashboard you would like to display on your projector.

For an audience the typical one would be 'Published'

Top Tip: You might want to have another person reviewing messages that have not been published to your audience so here you can set up a different display for them to see by selecting the 'Needs Review' or 'Reviewed' message queue.

Order message by

Here you can choose what order you would like the messages to be displayed in.  The options are for the 'Newest' messages to be displayed at the top, the 'Oldest' messages to be at the top or the 'Most Liked' messages to appear at the top.

Filter Messages

You might want to restrict what messages are shown even further than the message queue that they appear in.  Here you can choose to filter messages to only display one that have been tagged as a 'Favorite' in the dashboard.

Choose your options

The 'Include Polls' option means that if you ask a live poll this will automatically interrupt your message display with the poll when it is asked and the results are shown.

If you uncheck this box then live polls will not be shown on the projector display at all.

The 'Make Private' option is an extra security measure in case you want make sure the projector can't be viewed by people without first entering a private key which you can specify yourself.

Sharing the projector with other people

If you want to see the projector on another computer or share the projector with someone else it's easy.

The projector is just a simple webpage so once you have launched your projector with the 'Project' button you can copy the URL and send it to anyone else to open on their device.

If you have chosen to make your projector private this is when the projector key you have set will need to be entered in order to view it.