What data is available in the meeting report?

It’s all about the data and as such you can download a comprehensive report on your meeting’s engagement activities, from attendance to polling to messaging, you name it, the report has got it.  See our summary below:

Report Tabs

  • Attendance* – see who attended your meeting including what time they joined, what time they left and what device and platform they used.
  • Polling Results - see a summary of each poll to include time and date stamps.
  • Votes by Participant* – see how each participant voted on each poll, includes names of participants where provided.
  • Messages – a summary of all messages sent including number of likes, if they were published or not and the time and date of receipt.

* Attendance and Votes by Participant will show the names as participants have set them in their Profile.  If you disabled Profiles for your meeting participants will be listed as 'Anonymous'.