How do I sort messages?

The order that messages appear can be sorted in both the Dashboard view and in the Projector


The default sort order shows the 'Newest' messages at the top but you can change this to show 'Oldest' on top or 'Most Liked' on top by using the drop-down menu in the Messages tab.

When messages are sorted by 'Most Liked' this list gets updated dynamically.  Messages will move up and down depending on how much your audience are interacting.

If it's all getting a bit much and you are losing track of where messages are, we have included a handy little 'Lock' feature.

If you press the lock icon this will freeze your message list and stop the animation of messages moving up or down.  This will allow you time to catch up on the messages without them moving out of your view.

When you are ready you can simply press the button again to unlock the list and it will quickly catch up with any changes in the order since you locked it.



The Projector, which is the view for the audience, can also be configured to display messages in your preferred order.

In the setup screen for the Projector simply select which order you would like to see messages, either with the 'Newest' at the top, the 'Oldest' at the top or the 'Most Liked' at the top

When you are ready press the 'Project' button to launch the Projector display.

For more information about setting up the Projector - How do I set up my audience projector?