What types of polling questions are available?

There are two types of polls currently available.  The standard Multichoice poll is available to all users and if your license type allows then you also have the option to use the Text poll.


The Multichoice poll can be configured to allow for two slightly different type of poll.

Select the Multi choice poll type.

Enter your question text and choices.

Then (and here's the key bit) take note of the Allowed Selections box.

As a default, this is set to 1 when you add a new poll, meaning your participants can make one choice (i.e. they're only allowed to select one).

You can increase this if you want to allow participants to select more than one.  You can limit people (e.g. pick three), or set it the same as the number of choices (e.g. for a 'select all that apply' type of poll).



The text poll allows participants to enter a word or phrase as their response.

Enter in the title of your question and press save.

There are two different options when choosing how you would like the results to be displayed on the audience projector.

Response List
When the results of the poll are displayed they will appear in a list showing what participants have replied.

Word Cloud
When the results of the poll are displayed they will appear as a word cloud with the most frequently used words appearing larger compared to words used less frequently.

Note: The word cloud feature is only for the audience projector display.  On participant devices the responses will always be shown in a list format.