How do I customize the appearance of my slides?

Because the Meetoo PowerPoint Add-In integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint editing the layout of your slides is just the same as editing a normal PowerPoint slide.

The Meetoo Add-In uses standard PowerPoint text boxes and shapes that can be selected and moved just like any other object.

We have included some useful tools to allow you to easily manage your layout and these are available from the Display Options menu.

Select All Shapes

The select all shapes feature is an easy way to highlight a group of specific objects related to the poll so that you can make changes such as font sizes or colour to multiple objects all at once. 

Choice Text - This will select all the text of all the voting choices that you have specified in the question

Choice Numbers - This will select all of the default numbers associated with each option

Bars - Selects all of the results bars

Data Labels - Selects the data labels associates with each of the options

Displayed Text - Selects all of the text associated with the question.  This is a combination of Choice text, Choice Numbers and Data Labels


The autofit feature is a useful tool that will allow you to let the software intelligently apply a recommended best fit for your poll on the slide.

Reset To Default

If you have been editing the layout of your poll and you don't like the changes that you have made you can always revert back to the default layout applied when the question was first created.