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How Educators are Increasing Student Engagement with Meetoo

November 8, 2016

Join Dermott and Amie for this short webinar in which they share Meetoo education customers' top tips to increase student engagement when using interactive tools..


Choices and Consequences: In-class scenarios using student responses

November 18, 2016

In this Meetoo Education webinar, Dermott is joined by guest speaker Adam Warren from the University of Southampton to discuss how the Meetoo PowerPoint add-in can be used to create interactive scenarios driven by students' choices.


Using Learning Technology to Meet Big Challenges

December 2, 2016

ALT's Chief Executive, Maren Deepwell, shares early findings from an ongoing consultation about the biggest challenges institutions and individuals face in education and how Learning Technology can help meet them.


Using interactive tools for group discussion in large lectures and to produce peer led teaching

January 17, 2016

In this Meetoo Education webinar, Amie is joined by guest speaker Dr Neil Pickles from the University of Chester who details how he has used Meetoo to increase engagement in learning activities with his undergraduate students in both large and small group teaching. Since adopting Meetoo as a teaching tool he has seen engagement in sessions increase from approximately 20% of a cohort to more than 90%, with some sessions reaching 100% engagement.